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Here is a cooperative of women and men who work in the light, bringing healing and unconditional love to humanity, working in circle and cooperation, in connectivity and support and bringing information as well as new hope to those who need us.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heal the World

"Make it a better place ..." Michael Jackson
It seems so easy to say "heal the world" but unless our consciousness is raised to include the reasons for healing the world, we will keep missing the point. We heal the world to make the world a better place--a place where all of us can live. We're hoping that you will come back again and again and that you will commit to making the world a better place.
Sisters of Light

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Just Doing Our God Job!
What is Sisters of Light? Maybe the question should be Who are Sisters of Light? We are the I Am of consciousness and we are still finding each other. Over the next few months, this site (the what) is bringing you all of the "who" of healing and creativity. This blog will bring you those stories that help evoke wisdom, but also helps to create the world that can be--a place of wholeness and joy.
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